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How Much Longer Can the Rainbow Empire Last?

Some, like Curtin Yarvin/Mencius Moldbug, speculate that the Regime could last for another century or more. Others believe its demise will be within ten years or less. Both sides are likely overstating their cases, but I do tend to believe that the truth of the matter is much closer to the latter than the former. However one lands on this, it must surely be accepted that the answer will not be one that depends on simplistic approaches to the data.

…America is currently facing a challenge to its hegemony, which is what we’re seeing play out directly in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and indirectly in the sanctions and response to those sanctions. Since the United States overthrew Ukraine’s elected government in 2014, that country has basically been a puppet state for American imperialism. Russia eventually refused to accept this and is overtly challenging it via military force. America applied sanctions with the expectation that the rest of the world would fall into line, yet they didn’t. Instead, a reconfiguration of the current geopolitical battlespace is taking place whereby the third major world power (China) and most of the major non-western second-tier powers (Brazil, India, Iran, Gulf States, etc.) are coalescing around an alternative to American unipolarity that also includes (but does not revolve around) Russia. Read more…

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