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How to Get Ahead of Pro-Abortion Indoctrination

Pro-life parents must be diligent in teaching the truth about abortion to their children amidst the onslaught of misinformation spread by the pro-abortion movement. Teaching your child about the reality of abortion from a young age will help to foster their love and care for human life.

Today’s Parent recently released an article titled How to talk to your kids about abortion prompted by the excitement in the U.S. surrounding the leaked document by the Supreme Court on the overturning of Roe. The article provides a pro-abortion perspective on how to navigate conversations with a child wondering about abortion.

The article explains that the discussion of abortion has to start with one of consent, leading up to the idea that “a person has to … consent to a pregnancy in their body.” This sets the stage for the argument that if a person does not consent to the pregnancy, then abortion is somehow morally permissible. Right from the start, abortion activists would corrupt children by having them believe that “consent” somehow determines the value of someone else’s existence, such that if you don’t consent to their existence, you can exterminate them.

These conversations about consent, however, divert the child from the main issue at hand, namely that abortion ends a human life and that nobody should ever have the right to end the life of an innocent human being. Read more…

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