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How to Save America’s Kids From Trans Predators

A politically damaged, barely viable President Biden has surveyed the political landscape, and, incredibly, chosen transsexualism as his field of battle. With inflation soaring, the economy collapsing, shortages ravaging America, a human invasion tsunami pouring over the border, and repeated international humiliations, Biden and his administration flunkies are declaring an all-out war effort to promote transgenderism in every corner of America…

Joe Biden is certainly raising the stakes on transgenderism. The million-dollar question is, will the GOP fold, let the Biden Administration win, and let every school in America become a transgenderism factory forever?

…So, by all means, state legislatures should keep passing bills to preserve the basic dignity of women’s sports. But don’t stop there. Instead of hiding from the trans issue, raise the stakes. Define the issue in clear terms and relentlessly assault the subversive enemies of the good, the true, and the beautiful. Pass laws to fight and end the social contagion. Raise the salience of the issue relentlessly on TV and at political rallies. In short, make it impossible for the public to silently acquiesce from what is happening, and make it impossible for elites to treat this issue as a fait accompli.

As a movement, transgenderism thrives on a lack of honest information and free and open debate. To learn about transsexualism and its history is to be horrified and repulsed. John Money, the psychiatrist who coined the term “gender identity,” castrated a baby boy and raised him as a girl because he believed gender was just a construct. Male-on-female sexual assault in women’s prisons is now routine, and that in the U.K., 58.9% of male-to-female transgenders have at least one sex offense on their record, comparted to just 16.8% of the general prison population. Such simple facts as these are ubiquitous in the public record, and yet viciously suppressed by the commanding heights of academia, media, and government. Read more…

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