How Voter Priorities Have Shifted in Georgia in the Final Stretch…

As the country approaches Election Day, voters are homing in on specific issues that may decide the fate of Congress and several state governments in November.

The Washington Examiner has been tracking the issues that have been on the top of voters’ minds over the last three months as they prepare to head to the polls, particularly in key battleground states that could bring a shift in power to the federal government. Specifically, we’re tracking how voters are researching our top five issues – abortion, crime, education, inflation, and taxes – and how these interests fluctuate as we get closer to Election Day.

Internet searches related to those voter priorities have shifted dramatically in Georgia since the beginning of August, particularly in relation to the Peach State’s Senate and gubernatorial races. Here’s how the political playing field has changed over the last three months between Aug. 1 and Oct. 28:

Key races to watch:

Georgia has emerged as one of the most competitive battleground states in the midterm elections, with voters set to cast their ballots for both the Senate and gubernatorial races. Read more…

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