Hundreds of Africans Arrive in San Antonio

Hundreds of African illegal aliens from the Ebola-riddled Democratic Republic of Congo arrived in San Antonio last week hoping to take advantage of the Left’s open borders free for all. “It really has been a bit of an anomaly for us,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz. “I think most of them, you know, obviously are flying to different locations, and then when they find themselves congregating in a location, then they start to formulate a plan just south of the U.S. Mexican border here.” It should come as no surprise that orders from U.S. Customs for them to appear in court are being ignored. In other words, they’re strolling right into the U.S.

Here’s more from Fox News…

Valerie and her son took a walk around this city’s downtown area on Monday after spending three months on a treacherous trek from Brazil, through Central America to Texas.

Valerie, a Congolese woman, fled her war-torn country with her family and is now trying to create a new life here.

“We left the Congo because there weren’t any resources for us…my son has really liked it here. I’ve liked it here, as well. It’s for this reason I’ve come here to figure out my life, to improve my life,” she said in French.

Valerie is one of hundreds of African migrants who arrived in San Antonio last week. City leaders said they weren’t given a heads up and quickly scrambled to accommodate them and quickly recruit several French-speaking volunteers who could serve as translators.

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