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Hungary Smashes the Globalists

Pro-life and pro-family Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has won a fourth term as the Central European nation’s leader after his conservative Fidesz Party’s landslide success at the polls was announced Sunday.

58-year old Orbán fought off a six-party coalition aimed at unseating him to take a supermajority in Parliament, with Fidesz now holding 135 of the 199 available seats, just under 68 percent, and the opposition bloc taking just 56 seats.

Orbán, who has presided over Hungary for 12 years and is the European Union’s (EU) longest serving prime minister, will now rule for a further four, despite early polls predicting he would be ousted.

The prime minister was welcomed by a crowd cheering his name Sunday night as polling results showed his success. Addressing his supporters, Orbán said that they “have won a great victory – a victory so great you can see it from the moon and certainly from Hungary.”

“The entire world can see that our brand of Christian democratic, conservative, patriotic politics has won.” Read more…

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