Idiotic: Why Auburn Refuses to Hire Christians

Stephen Morris, a junior at Auburn University, was denied a position as chief justice of the Student Government Association (SGA) because some student senate members found his Christian faith and conservative beliefs “offensive” and “concerning.”

The College Fix reported the story Friday, linking to video of the Auburn SGA’s senate meeting over a Zoom call on July 12. Three black students came right out of the gate to oppose Morris’ nomination when vice president Cole Callahan called for an open forum.

“I just feel like if someone can trivialize, like, poverty to things, like, marriage and abstaining to, like, abstaining to have sex or finishing high school, like, I don’t, I can’t see how they’re trying to, how they can be in that position [of chief justice],” stuttered a student named Dionne. “And just other things they have said, especially their stance on Black Lives Matter, saying hate speech doesn’t exist. Like, how can you be a chief justice and not think hate speech doesn’t exist? Like, that doesn’t make sense.” Read more…

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