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Illegal Aliens Attend School While American Students Get Cabin Fever

Teachers in San Diego are going to the city’s convention center soon to instruct immigrant children in-person, even as schools in the county largely remain online-only.

A March 29 message to teachers from the San Diego Board of Education reviewed by The Epoch Times asked for volunteers to teach immigrant girls at the center.

Teachers were told to share their contact information, background, and availability.

“The in-person educational program may not have traditional hours, so there may be opportunities for involvement outside of regular work hours,” the message stated. “Any opportunities will be voluntary, and employees will be compensated.”

A spokesperson for the San Diego Unified School District told The Epoch Times via email: “Some of our educators have volunteered to give up their vacation time – this week is our spring break – to help hundreds of teenage girls who are sheltering in our city, away from their families and in some cases thousands of miles from home. Our teachers have volunteered to help — we are not paying them in any way — because caring for children is central to who they are as human beings. The power of their example should inspire us all, and hopefully many others will be inspired to show these girls that we are a compassionate community.” Read more…

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