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Is Illinois Erecting a Racial Caste System in Homeowner’s Grants?

In the heart of deep Blue Cook County, Illinois, an old mafia tradition is being revived under the cover of Leftist racial politics. That is, of course, the old “divide-and-conquer” tactic of playing ethnic groups against one another to hide the corruption of leaders and oligarchs. Illinois, a state with a junk debt rating, basket case finances, an out-of-control environment of violence and drug smuggling, ran by one of the wealthiest families in America, is now charting a new course for racial division politics in the Obama/Biden era, and they’re starting with the suburbs. Let’s take a closer look.

The city of Evanston, Illinois approved a limited “reparations” program for African-Americans on Monday, appropriating $400,000 for black residents who lived in the city from 1919-1969 and their descendants.

The $400,000 will be doled out in $25,000 increments to qualifying applicants. Only a small percentage of individuals eligible for the payments will receive them, in a legally questionable format that could leave Evanston liable in lawsuits. The city council is citing housing discrimination in the Chicago suburb during the aforementioned period…

Proponents of the reparations plan have suggested it’s a way to pass the buck to Chicago, essentially pushing the larger city to pass a reparations program of its own. Read more…

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