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Illinois Counties Fight Back, Declare ‘Gun Sanctuary’

Last week we brought you news of a town in Illinois poised to execute a new regulation which forces all residents to turn in their semi-automatic weapons to town authorities.

Now the Illinois state legislature has sent a bill to the governor that, if signed, would allow authorities to seize guns from anyone deemed to be a ‘danger to themselves’ or others.

But ‘danger’ is open to interpretation and, of course, it’s the state doing the interpreting. But counties are beginning to fight back.

Effingham County Board members voted recently to declare their county a ‘gun sanctuary’ in which they have barred county police from enforcing any anti-gun edicts from the state that are in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

And reportedly at least 50 other rural counties in the state have requested information on how to pass similar declarations.

Big cities beware; rural folks may be smaller in number, but they’re well armed and mad as hell.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

David Campbell is one of the people who started the gun sanctuary movement that is moving into Oregon after sweeping through the rural counties of Illinois.

Campbell, a member of the Effingham County Board in rural Illinois, wasn’t happy to learn the state’s General Assembly was working on gun-control legislation that he considered to be unconstitutional. Campbell decided to do what county board members do best.

He wrote a resolution.

The Effingham board adopted his resolution April 16. It declared Effingham County to be a gun “sanctuary” where county employees — like sheriff’s deputies — were prohibited from enforcing gun laws deemed unconstitutional.

WCRB-TV reported Campbell admitted to local prosecutor Bryan Kibler that he chose the word “sanctuary” because it was being used by more liberal government bodies, like the Chicago City Council, to protect illegal immigrants.

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