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Inside Biden’s “Built to Fail” Economy

…In a similar fashion, the American ”just in time” logistics system has been built around every single part of it being there, unsurprisingly, just in time. If any point of the chain breaks (such as there being containers but no ships, ships but no longshoremen, longshoremen but no truckers, truckers but no truck frames, truck frames but no trucks, trucks but no trains, and so on) the entire system quickly starts failing, like a human body starved of oxygen. If there’s not enough longshoremen in Long Beach, California, the ability of truck manufacturers to make spare parts for trucks will quickly disappear; without spare parts for trucks, the ability to actually unload container ships will rapidly start to dwindle into nothing as the storage space gets filled up. As such, a rolling wave of shortages and blockages are currently playing havoc on many completely unrelated parts of the economy; farmers can’t get spare parts to run their farming equipment. Fast food chains in Florida can’t get potatoes in order to make french fries. Usually, the individual problem or shortage can be fixed, but not before this failure has had time to create several second-order effects, who can then also be fixed, but not before they spread the contagion further.

In both cases, the point of all of this complexity and interdependence is to save money, and in both cases, the only solution once the cascade accumulates enough speed is the system reboot. Unfortunately, in the case of the logistical system, all of that complexity existed not just to save money for some wealthy industrialist like John Hammond, but also to make the consumer goods ordinary Americans depend on cheap enough to be affordable for them, in an economy that has been increasingly deskilled and deindustrialized. Much like the proletarians of Rome, whose ancestors got pushed out of farming as land magnates gobbled up all the land on the Italian peninsula, many Americans today depends on regular shipments of tribute coming in from foreign shores to sustain their own lives. Read more…

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