Insiders Say A Deal On DACA Amnesty Is Imminent

Capitol Hill insiders close to the inner circles of negotiation are reporting something quite different than what the media is reporting on DACA.

President Trump has tweeted a hardline stance in the last few days, insisting on a funding for the wall and more security as a condition for a deal on DACA.

But the insiders say that Republicans and Democrats are already close to a deal on the amnesty plan that would legalize nearly a million illegal aliens in the coming weeks.

Those reports argue that several versions of an agreement could come out as early as next week, and they do not include funding for a wall or much else that Trump has insisted on.

This fight could be epic.

Stay tuned.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Despite recent comments by Republicans that negotiations with Democrats over providing a fix for young undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children aren’t going well, advocates closely involved with ongoing talks on Capitol Hill are cautiously optimistic.

Immigrant rights advocates close to negotiations told reporters that the “parameters” of a deal are beginning to take shape, and they aren’t concerned about the posturing going on publicly by President Trump who issued a list of priorities Friday, including $18 billion in wall funding. The proposal enraged Democrats who have been working with Republicans to craft a large deal on an omnibus spending bill, funding for children’s health insurance, and protecting so-called Dreamers, among other measures.

“President Trump has said he may need a good government shutdown to get his wall,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, one of the Democrats at the negotiating table. “With this demand, he seems to be heading in that direction.”

The Illinois Democrat added that it’s “outrageous that the White House would undercut months of bipartisan efforts” by releasing a wish list that’s unworkable.

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