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Is DHS Colluding with Communist China?

Thanks to mass migration, the United States has become vulnerable to subversion from the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has exploited the US’s immigration system, especially its legal system, to embed spies and other Fifth Column agents within its borders — all of this designed to advance the CCP’s interests at the expense of the US.

Thanks to this penetration, the CCP has been able to socially destabilize the US. According to a report by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge, a Department of Homeland Security and a Department of Human Services in addition to three other suspects are now facing indictments for “acting as Chinese agents” while spying on outspoken dissidents and opponents of the CCP while living stateside. These agents shared activists’ sensitive information, which even included passport information of one individual’s daughter.

Durden noted that the Department of Justice revealed the case back in May. However, more details have recently surfaced. Read more…

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