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Is It Time for Trump to Pass the Torch?

When Trump careened onto the political stage seemingly out of nowhere in 2015, rode down that escalator in typical theatrical Trump fashion, smashed the GOP establishment in the mouth in the primaries, dominated, and went on in the general to upset arguably the cringest D.C. swamp creature of all time — which is no small distinction — in a historic political upset of David vs. Goliath proportions, it was all golden.

Feminists cried. Cable news anchors melted down. New York Democrat Party apparachiks held their mouths. It was truly, truly a savory moment in American political history. Sometimes I get nostalgic and go back to watch tasty montages of that fateful night on YouTube.

When, on Nov. 9, 2016, as night turned to day and the hangover of the last night’s carnage was shone in the sober morning light, and I took the occasion to process what had just transpired, I instinctively knew then that nothing in American politics would ever be the same again. A new era had dawned, ushered in by the orange man. Read more…

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