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Is the Jig Up For Property-Gobbling Banks?

Other Republicans leading major oil-producing states such as state treasurers in Ohio and Oklahoma, have remained apathetic.

West Virginia Republican Treasurer Riley Moore axed his state’s relationship with BlackRock last month over the $10 trillion investment firm’s dual loyalty to Chinese interests and woke capitalism.

“As the state’s chief financial officer and chairman of the Board of Treasury Investments, I have a duty to ensure that taxpayer dollars are managed in a responsible, financially sound fashion which reflects the best interests of our state and country, and I believe doing business with BlackRock runs contrary to that duty,” Moore said in a press release at the time.

Now the colossal Wall Street firm is void of oversight for the state’s investment fund, a liquid account worth approximately $1.5 billion. While it might not be much money to BlackRock, Moore tells The Federalist, it’s “a hell of a lot for the people of West Virginia,” and far too much to park with an investment firm infected by corporate wokeism working to defraud the state’s more than 1.7 million residents. Read more…

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