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Is There Anything Leftists Won’t Blame on “White Supremacy”?

“Comedian” Seth Rogen took to Twitter Thursday in a public meltdown during which he pinpointed ‘white supremacy’ as the reason why his new Christmas show Santa Inc. has received such an abysmal reaction from audiences…

Rogen is referring to the adult animated show’s characterisation of Santa as the stereotypical ‘old white male’ that Hollywood liberals love to hate.

The plot of the series focuses on a young female elf who wants to become the new Santa, while Santa himself is portrayed as a ruthless, uncaring and vulgar head of a corporate operation.

In the trailer, one of the characters notes “The position of Santa has mostly been a white man’s game,” while another character adds “Let’s go over what we know. Santa and the board are all male and all whites. They play golf, drink smoke cigars. Say things like don’t ever marry your mistress.”

In another part of the trailer, the elf, voiced by Sarah Silverman says to Santa “more Americans believe in you than they do vaccines and the holocaust,” to which Santa replies “sounds great, I mean disheartening for America, but great for us.” Read more…

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