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Is This the America First MVP?

I believe that, during this decade, Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has been America’s MVP:

Most Valuable Politician…

The President of the United States has had two main goals over the last six years: Invade the world; Invite the world. The American Establishment had some qualms about the former. But they gave him the green light anyway. And, despite catastrophe in Iraq, they may nevertheless let him start another war – this time with Iran. In contrast, our elites have strongly supported the Presidents’ obsession with opening the borders even further. Miraculously, it hasn’t happened…yet.

More than any other individual, Rep. Tancredo, who founded the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus back in 1999, has stood athwart history, yelling “Stop.” Without this organized opposition in the House, the President and Senate surely would have saddled us with legislation at least as bad as last May’s Hagel-Martinez bill. Read more…

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