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Japan Follows Germany, Announces Military Re-Armament

Japan announced this past week that it would accept Ukrainian refugees displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and will send bulletproof vests to Kiev.

Historically, Japan has resisted taking in refugees and has maintained a pacifistic approach to foreign conflicts since the end of World War II. The Washington Post reported that Japan decided to break with its more isolationist tendencies “without ‘gaiastu,’ or foreign pressure.”

It is believed that Russia’s recent attack on a Ukrainian power plant inspired the Japanese government to accelerate debates over its pre-existing defense and national security policies. The Japanese government has been growing wary of China’s rising presence on the global stage and has been reevaluating its approach to stave off the growing territorial threat that China poses.

Akihisa Shiozaki, a member of Japan’s governing Liberal Democratic Party, indicated that the Japanese government is growing increasingly skeptical of the United Nations’ ability to reign in the aggression of its member states. Read more…

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