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JD Vance Raises Key Question About Ohio Train Derailment 

The news of the train derailment in Palestine, Ohio gets worse by the day as local government officials attempt to censor information and signs of chemical contamination become more clear. As Spencer reported Monday, the scene was described as “nuking an entire town.”

During an interview with Fox News Monday night Republican Senator JD Vance discussed the situation, making a crucial point about trillions of dollars in federal, taxpayer funded infrastructure spending that has seemingly led to decreased rail conditions.

Meanwhile, the situation continues to affect fearful Palestine residents and beyond.

“Why did this happen? After the cleanup and safety of everyone is ensured, we will turn our attention to how to prevent this in the future. Many questions remain unanswered about the quality of the braking system used, the durability of the repair parts in the trains, and the Transportation Department’s regulatory approach to our nation’s rail system. Read more…

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