JD Vance’s Plan to Reshape American Politics and the GOP

Donald Trump’s 2015 rise, his incredible 2016 victory, and his remarkable political resilience since then, together constitute one of the most important developments in American political history. To most of America’s leadership class, this turn of events was nigh-inexplicable, but not to Ohio’s J.D. Vance. In his memoir Hillbilly Elegy, Vance described growing up in the exurbs of Cincinnati in a precarious lower-middle-class household haunted by drug abuse, divorce, and the economic hollowing-out of middle America. This demographic was ground zero for the Trump realignment. Long ignored by the GOP as economically obsolete, and rejected by the Democratic Party for having the wrong race, the people of Southwest Ohio turned out for Trump in droves. Though Hillbilly Elegy is not a political book, its intersection with 2016 helped make it a bestseller and Vance a star.

But now, rather than just helping people understand Trump’s America First revolution, Vance plans to advance it directly. He is running for the Ohio Senate seat that Rob Portman is vacating. Much like Donald Trump, Vance has aroused the wrath of establishment Republicans and Democrats for questioning D.C. orthodoxy. He has stood up for January 6 political prisoners and demanded closer investigation of Capitol provocateur Ray Epps. He’s called out America’s “third world” election system and demanded real reforms. And most recently, Vance has joined Tucker Carlson as one of the few voices anywhere on the political spectrum rejecting the rush to escalation and possible nuclear war over Ukraine. He warned against war before Russia’s invasion, has stayed consistent afterwards, and when necessary has even confronted the most thuggish and clownish takes from members of his own party. Read more…

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