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Jeffrey Epstein Ally Found Dead “by Hanging” in Jail Cell

Long-time Jeffrey Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel, a fashion agent who allegedly participated in Epstein’s elite pedophile network, was found dead in his prison cell on Friday night.

Brunel was found hanging in his Paris prison while awaiting trial on charges of raping a minor and sexual harassment. He has been accused of setting up Epstein with young girls who could be pimped out to the global elite for the purposes of blackmail.

“His decision was not driven by guilt, but by a deep sense of injustice,” Brunel’s legal team stated following Brunel’s supposed suicide, according to a Le Monde.

Brunel and Epstein started the MC2 Model Management company in the U.S., which was believed to be a front for the infamous child rape operation. Brunel was arrested in Dec. 2020 at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport while trying to flee. Read more…

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