Jesse Jackson: Coin Tosses Are Obviously Racist

In case you missed it, there’s a globe-altering controversy at the Olympics.

Apparently, the right to carry the American flag in the opening parade came down to a coin toss.

And since one of the two finalists was black and the white athlete won the toss, it’s an epic case of racism.

Because coins obviously carry a latent cultural bias against those of African descent.

Enter Jesse Jackson, who knows no scandal that doesn’t need a race card.

Jackson quickly opined that the right to carry the flag should be a more fair decision.

In which we assume he means: heads we win, tails you lose.

Otherwise, what’s more fair than a literal 50/50 chance?

Here’s more from Twitchy…

Remember the story we told you yesterday about how black Olympian Shani Davis was angry that a coin flip decided that white Olympian Erin Hamlin would be the Team USA flag bearer in today’s opening ceremony?

Well, the story got worse. Davis skipped the parade of athletes over the entirely fair process to decide a tie:

Rev. Jesse Jackson decided to weigh in, too, demanding the US Olympic Committee develop a different way to decide ties when athletes vote for the games’ flag bearer:

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