Joe Biden Gearing Up, ‘Definitely Running’ in 2020

While Donna Brazile’s book continues to crumble the ‘blue wall’ of presidential politics, it’s unlikely beneficiary is Joe Biden.

With reports that she seriously considered replacing Hillary with Biden, Brazile is unwittingly (or perhaps purposely) setting him up for a run.

With that free press in place, Biden has stepped up his media presence significantly in recent weeks following the release of his new book.

The advantage he has, in addition to being former Vice President, is that criticism of his age may not be a factor given that he’s only three years older than President Trump.

The next few months are going to be interesting.

Here’s more from Paste Magazine…

In the process of delivering the rather socialistic message that wealthy people didn’t need a tax break, Diamond Joe Biden—former Vice President, cuddly uncle, loyal ally of banks and corporations, and a man who would not like you to know that he tried to use his son’s death for political gain—managed to take a sideways jab at Bernie Sanders. Per WaPo’s Dave Weigel:

You might remember that Biden was a big fan of complimenting Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary, usually at the expense of Hillary Clinton. That was before he decided not to run, so it was probably less about his admiration for Sanders, or his scorn for Clinton, than about weakening his strongest opponent before he jumped into the race.

In other words, the last time he mentioned Sanders, it was for political gain. This time is likely no different. Here’s the full context for the quote, which came during a speech in Alabama, per The Hill:

Stumping for Democratic Senate nominee Doug Jones, Biden said the former U.S. attorney grasps “fairness” when it comes to the issue of taxes.

“Doug understands about tax fairness,” Biden told the crowd. “Guys, the wealthy are as patriotic as the poor. I know Bernie doesn’t like me saying that, but they are.”

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