Joe Biden: I’ll Run in 2020 If No Stronger Democrat Emerges

The upcoming 2020 race is now officially the sixth time Joe Biden has either considered running or actually launched a bid for the White House.

And now donors are revealing what Biden has told them very plainly: he’s running for president unless another, stronger Democrat emerges on the scene.

But given Donna Brazile’s book revelations coupled with Biden’s support among the Democrat base, there doesn’t look to be any potential candidate with a better shot at beating President Trump.

And that assumes Trump runs at all.

If he were to opt out of a re-election bid, Biden may be the automatic favorite.

Three years is a political eternity, and a thousand different things can happen in that time.

We’ll be watching closely as things unfold.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been privately telling people that he may launch a bid to run for the Democratic presidential nomination if no Democrat emerges who could beat Trump.

“If someone emerges that the former VP believes can beat [Trump], I think he is at peace with that,” a Biden donor told Politico. “On the other hand, if that person doesn’t exist or doesn’t run, you can expect Joe Biden to take a very serious look.”

If Biden chooses to run, it would be the sixth time he’s seriously considered or launched a presidential campaign.

Biden will be 77 years old by 2020 but will have decades of experience in government that many younger Democrats will lack.

Biden is about to hit the road for his “Promise Me, Dad,” book tour. The memoir was written in honor of his late son, Beau Biden, who died in May 2015, an event that Biden says kept him from running for the nomination.

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