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Joe Biden Threatens to Veto Republican Border Reform

President Joe Biden will veto the Republicans’ flagship border reform bill because it reduces the federal government’s ability to extract economic migrants from poor countries, according to a White House statement.

The pending GOP border-protection bill is a “huge deal,” said Rosemary Jenks, a government relations director at NumbersUSA. “This is a [GOP] blueprint for 2025” if a Republican is elected to the White House, she added.

The White House’s May 8 veto threat said:

The bill would cut off nearly all access [for migrants] to humanitarian protections in ways that are inconsistent with our Nation’s values and international obligations. In addition, the bill would make processing less efficient by prohibiting the use of the CBP One mobile application to process noncitizens and restricting [the Department of Homeland Security] DHS’s parole authority, such that successful programs, like “Uniting for Ukraine,” would be prohibited. Read more…

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