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Joe Rogan Smells A Rat; Slams GETTR Platform

Comedian and popular podcast Joe Rogan slammed GETTR for using fake follower numbers and other “f**kery” during a recent podcast episode with Tim Dillon, during which Rogan also expressed a desire to get off the platform.

“You have like 9 million followers on GETTR,” Dillon said.

“Yeah, it’s not real though,” Rogan replied. “Because GETTR doesn’t even have 9 million people. There’s a lot of f**kery…”

“Fugazi,” Rogan agreed. “And everytime I post on Twitter, it posts automatically on GETTR. Yeah, it like, automatically does that. And I don’t know how to get off, like if I want to get off of GETTR. I don’t think I can.” Read more…

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