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John Cena’s Sellout & China’s Suppression of Americans’ Speech

In this country it’s easier to defend Taiwan than it is to defend the people who are vilified in schools, corporations, and by politicians for being white.

Pro wrestler-turned-actor-turned-generic-celebrity John Cena embarrassed himself last week when he issued an apology in Mandarin to the Chinese Communist Party for referring to Taiwan as a country.

Pretty much everybody in the conservative universe was obsessed with this clip for two days after it happened. It was covered by Laura Ingraham and “The Five.” Ben Shapiro tweeted about the video, and over on Fox Business Kennedy called Cena a “wuss.” Sen. Tom Cotton called it pathetic, Sen. Josh Hawley fundraised off it, and Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted, “A world where China’s Communist Party controls what Americans can say isn’t some nightmarish future threat. It’s already here.

All of these people are right, and what we’re seeing from entertainment, tech, and sports is disgusting; but let’s stop and think honestly about this. Do you live your life in fear that you’ll say something that offends the Chinese Communist Party? Do you worry that upsetting China will lose you your job, or your friends, or your good name, or your own family? Unless you work for a movie studio or a professional sports league, chances are the dangers of crossing China have never crossed your mind.

But does that mean you have real freedom of thought? Not at all. And we all know exactly what we’re talking about here: In America, there is an aggressive, totalitarian ideology that wants to punish anyone who publicly dissents, and it’s not pushed by the Communist Party in China — it’s pushed by our own ruling class. Read more…

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