John Podesta: Govt Should Control Your Family Planning

If you’ve managed to forget John Podesta, don’t.

He’s a perennial operative in the Clinton political machine having served as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, head of Hillary’s campaign and now head of the liberal Center for American Progress.

One of his pet issues as a devout uber-lib is ‘climate change’.

And among all the usual prescriptions for ending ‘global warming’, he’s proposing one that should give us pause.

Since the world has too many people exhaling carbon dioxide, we need fewer people.

Ergo, the best way to reduce population is for government to manage ‘reproductive health’.

Which of course is leftist code for abortion.

Short version: Podesta likes China’s one-child policy through forced abortion and contraception.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

John Podesta, former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and the current chair of the Center for American Progress, recently wrote an article in The Washington Post rallying all good progressives to cure the scourge of climate change by controlling the earth’s out-of-control population explosion.

In the beginning of the article he told us that his goal is to “reduce emissions, raise living standards, and build a more sustainable future” ostensibly for the masses in developing nations. (I wondered as I read this if John Podesta has raised living standards for anyone in the world. Besides being a political figure, has he actually created businesses or even built so much as a well to raise the living standards of anyone in the Third World?)

He went on to comment on how we cannot overlook the importance of “reproductive health.” He never actually defines “reproductive health” but according to Planned Parenthood and their supporters (such as Robert Reich in the following video) it includes contraceptives and abortion.

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