Jones Defeats Roy Moore, Pulls Ahead In Final Hours

It’s official. Roy Moore has lost his bid for U.S. Senate after Doug Jones pulled ahead in the final hours of the night as votes came in from the urban areas of Alabama.

Talking heads will be gushing over the results with all sorts of insight as to how the harassment scandal was the nail in his coffin coupled with Democrat turnout efforts in the black areas of the state.

But one thing will be undeniable: had Moore’s campaign handled the initial response to the accusations better and had Donald Trump not played hokey pokey with his endorsement, things might have turned out entirely the other way.

Rest assured Democrats will be crowing about this victory for weeks on end.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The race has been called by the Decision Desk and the AP.

With nearly 100% of precincts reporting, we can now report that Judge Roy Moore has lost in his campaign for Senate in Alabama. Democrat Doug Jones will be filling the seat left vacant by Republican Jeff Sessions, who went on to join the Trump administration.

Moore, of course, faced serious allegations of sexual misconduct in the final weeks of his campaign, and what’s more, he did a poor job of handling those accusations. From bad interviews to contradictory statements to generally making it clear that even if they were true it wouldn’t be a big deal, Moore and his campaign didn’t make the sale.

Jones was the worst possible person that the Democrats could have put up against Moore in Alabama. That he won in Alabama of all places is very bad news for the GOP. The pro-abortion extremist could not be more out of step with voters in Alabama. His win was not only a rejection of Moore, but a repudiation of the power of Steve Bannon.

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