Jorge Ramos Says U.S. Belongs To Illegal Immigrants?

Notoriously liberal anchor for Univision Jorge Ramos launched into a pro-illegal immigration tirade during an Hispanic awards ceremony this week.

During his anti-Trump comments he made a not-so-Freudian slip with this line: “This is also our country. Let me repeat this: OUR country, not theirs. It is our country.”

Here’s more from DC Statesman

Univision Senior News Anchor Jorge Ramos recently went on an Anti-Trump tirade at the network’s annual awards show, Premios Lo Nuestro (“Our Awards”). In his speech he pushed an ‘us vs. them’ mentality where he made a daring assertion that the United States belongs to Latinos, illegal immigrants, or something…

Newsbusters described the rant perfectly:

“Further ramping up his open opposition to President Trump’s immigration law enforcement policies, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos has let loose with an outrageous tirade that could best be described as equal parts nationalistic identity politics, racially-driven demagoguery, and yet another instance of the irresponsible conflation of legal and illegal immigration.

“Ramos’ speech is amazingly strident, with an “us against them” tone that one would not expect from someone who incessantly promotes diversity from the other side of his mouth. When Ramos told the audience that “there are many who do not want us to be here”, he erases any distinction between legal and illegal immigration, and irresponsibly casts immigration as an exclusively Latino issue. This is not the first time Ramos has drawn on both deceptive and discredited rhetorical devices such as these.”

Ramos said in full:

“I am an immigrant, just like many of you. I am a proud Latino immigrant here in the United States. My name is Jorge Ramos, and I work at Univision and at the Fusion network. And you know exactly what is going on here in the United States. There are many people who do not want us to be here, and who want to create a wall in order to separate us. But you know what? This is also our country. Let me repeat this: OUR country, not theirs. It is our country. And we are not going to leave. We are nearly 60 million Latinos in the United States. And thanks to US, the United States eats, grows and, as we’ve seen today, sings and dances. So when they attack us, we already know what we are going to do. We are not going to sit down. We will not shut up. And we will not leave. That is what we are going to do.”

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