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Josh Hawley Unveils ‘Worker’s Agenda’ to End U.S. Free Trade with China

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has unveiled his “worker’s agenda,” which includes legislation to end the United States’ decades-long, job-killing free trade status with China.

Last week, Hawley proposed the “Ending Normal Trade Relations with China Act” which would effectively impose high tariffs on Chinese imports to the U.S. by revoking China’s free trade status that the communist country has enjoyed for more than two decades.

“As we face a new age of competition with China, we need an agenda in Washington that will make our working class strong and independent,” Hawley said in a statement:

We can start by revoking the sweetheart deal D.C. elites handed to China 23 years ago – end normal trade relations, put in place strong tariffs, and protect American workers.

In 2001, China entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) with the backing of former President Bush’s administration and was subsequently awarded “permanent normal trade relations status” by the U.S. after congressional approval. Read more…

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