Judge Demands DOJ Explanation After Memo Release

Federal Judge Amit P. Mehta turned up the heat on the Department of Justice immediately after the House memo release on Friday.

Mehta demanded Justice officials give an explanation as to whether they still intend to maintain ‘no comment’ on the existence of records related to the FISA warrant on Trump campaign officials.

The DOJ previously refused to say whether any records exist citing ‘national security’.

So, the department is screwed either way. If they say ‘yes’, the court will likely subpoena those records.

If they say ‘no’, then the current FOIA suit will proceed and give authority to investigators to start digging for records.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Federal Judge Amit P. Mehta demanded the Department of Justice explain why the release of the House Intelligence Committee’s so-called Nunes memo  shouldn’t force investigators to acknowledge the existence of more records related to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”)

USA Today reporter Brad Heath tweets that Judge Mehta wants the Justice Department to explain whether it will continue to argue that it cannot confirm or deny the existence of FISA records related to Trump associates:

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