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June: It’s the Pride of Sin Against the Humility of Christ

The month of June is marked by Holy Mother Church as being devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This holy and beautiful month, however, is also used by the world to promote the ever-increasing influence of LGBT ideology, in direct opposition to that most pure love which stems from the Sacred Heart…

In direct opposition, our liberal establishment proposes that June be given over to the promotion of immoral perversions, as is advocated in the LGBT movement. Indeed, it is no coincidence its activists have hijacked June to celebrate their practices. As with all such satanic endeavors, the opposing vice is promoted in a vain attempt to defeat the virtues the Church proposes.

Hence, the LGBT movement aptly labels itself and its adopted month as “Pride,” in opposition to the humility and self-sacrificial love of the Sacred Heart, which the Church contemplates. Pride, the original cause of man’s downfall in the Garden of Eden, continues to be the vice by which postmodern man relentlessly promotes sin and death. Read more…

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