Kamala Harris: 20-Week Abortion Ban “Immoral”

California Senator Kamala Harris (D) is adding to her far Left 2020 presidential campaign platform. The former prosecutor now wants healthcare for all… so long as it’s before 20 weeks gestation. In the wake of the third trimester abortion “reproductive justice” wave sweeping the nation, Harris contends that banning abortions at five months into a pregnancy is “immoral.” Harris tweeted: “The GOP has scheduled a vote on a 20-week abortion ban on Monday. Add your name to demand Congress votes down this immoral bill.” Memo to Harris: Does not a 20-week beating heart also deserve healthcare?

Here’s more from The Blaze…

Harris’ vision for the country is “frightening” to anyone who is not a socialist. Harris wants to implement her vision of socialized / single payer health care, she wants government funded abortions, she would abolish ICE, and her plan would offer free college to everyone.

In a tweet, Harris called a ban on abortion after 20 weeks “immoral.”


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