Kamala Harris Makes Really Dumb Argument Against Trump Pardon

Sen. Kamala Harris has been making big news lately as the successor to Barbara Boxer’s California liberal mantle.

She’s even been rumored as a possible Democrat nominee for president in 2020.

But she’ll have to get over the dumb factor with her repeatedly inane comments that betray leftist thought bereft of basic reason.

This week she reacted to news that President Trump may likely pardon Sheriff Joe in a tweet in which she opined, “Joe Arpaio was convicted because he committed a crime. He should not be pardoned.”

Um, excuse us for saying so, but that’s the whole point of a pardon: to give someone a get out of jail free card for having been convicted of a crime.

It’s a really difficult legal concept, we know.

This woman could actually be the leader of the free world one day, folks.


Here’s more from Redstate…

Joe Arpaio stands convicted of a misdemeanor count of criminal contempt of court, for carrying out “targeted patrols aiming to catch illegal aliens in his Arizona jurisdiction.” Reports say that President Trump’s administration has filled out the paperwork for Arpaio to be pardoned. Arpaio is unrepentant and has not gone through the usual DoJ process for seeking a pardon. There are many reasons why pardoning Arpaio would be questionable.

This is . . . not one of them:

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