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Kamala Kicks Off Anti-White “Crusade” in Healthcare

After the debacle that was Joe Biden’s first press conference of 2022, and then following that up with calling a reporter a “stupid son of a bitch,” it appears the White House has decided to give Biden a day off and let his number two, Vice President Kamala Harris take over the speeches. Recently, Harris spoke about the focus from the White House moving forward. VP Harris fired off a long list of groups of people that the administration would be working to advance. The list included practically every group other than those pesky straight, white males.

In the video, which is featured below, Harris stated, “We are focused on the most vulnerable, and based on my experience, the most vulnerable are women and girls; racial and ethnic minorities; LGBTQI-plus people; indigenous people; people with disabilities, migrants, and children in the foster-care system.”

…While promising to help these oppressed groups, Harris forget to mention any solid steps the Biden administration would take in helping anybody but white males reach their true potential. Read more…

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