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Kansas Governor Vetoes Parents’ Rights, Child Protection Laws

Democrat Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed legislation on April 15 that would have kept gender-confused males out of sporting events designed specifically for females, as well as a bill empowering parents to challenge public school curricula.

Kelly claimed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act was “divisive,” would repel businesses, and “didn’t come from the experts” in school athletics; and that under the parental-rights bill, which would require schools to develop a process through which parents can raise objections to classroom material, “money that should be spent in the classroom would end up being spent in the courtroom,” the Kansas City Star reports.

“Democrats in Kansas are determined to find out the hard way what Democrats in Virginia learned last year: voters don’t elect candidates who tell parents they don’t matter,” responded Republican Governors Association spokeswoman Joanna Rodriguez, referring to last fall’s Republican sweep of Virginia, which was fueled in large part by popular discontent with Democrat obstinance on both issues. Read more…

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