Kate Steinle’s Killer Files Suit…Against Trump

So get this: Kate Steinle’s acquitted killer, Jose Garcia-Zarate, the illegal alien who illegally entered the United States and who illegally had possession of a gun and who thwarted legal attempts to deport him multiple times now wants to avail himself of legal protections from our legal system.

That’s right. Apparently, after the Feds filed charges of immigration and weapons violations, Zarate wasn’t very happy.

According to his attorneys, he’s been the victim of vindictive harassment at the hands of the Trump administration.

So he’s filing suit against the DOJ. Justice on parade.

Here’s more from Hotair…

After Kate Steinle’s killer, Jose Garcia-Zarate, was found not guilty of her murder (but guilty on a gun charge and immigration law violations), his hopes for release were quickly quashed. Federal charges of immigration and weapons violations were filed by the Department of Justice and another trial is on the horizon. Or maybe not.

It turns out that the attorneys for Garcia-Zarate feel that his client is being unjustly and vindictively harassed by the feds after having already faced trial. They’re taking two different approaches to this claim, neither of which looks particularly promising.

The illegal immigrant accused in the shooting death of Kate Steinle is charging the federal government with “vindictive prosecution” and collusion with city and state authorities, and using President Trump’s tweets and public statements by him and his attorney general to make his case.

In a filing this week in federal court in San Francisco, lawyers for Jose Garcia-Zarate demanded that the federal government hand over its communications with local law enforcement agencies — the San Francisco police, district attorney’s office and sheriff’s office — to let him prove collusion and double jeopardy. Attorney J. Tony Serra accused Mr. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions of using his client as a political punching bag and said their words suggest that Mr. Garcia-Zarate is being unjustly prosecuted.

“This case was highly publicized, both locally and nationally,” he wrote in the motion filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California.

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