“Kavanaugh Effect” Crushing Dems’ Hopes

Real Clear Politics is verifying the influence of the “Kavanaugh Effect” according to the latest batch of polls showing that only seven senate seats are now in play as “toss-ups.” To win control of the upper chamber, Democrats must run the table. RCP reveals that 49 Republican seats are “safe” or not up for reelection this fall–two more compared with pre-Kavanaugh chaos numbers. At the same time, Democrats are reportedly safe with their current 44 seats. The obvious problem is that those seats aren’t enough to take over Congress unless they can find another fake crisis that wins the seven races necessary to secure a 51-seat majority. In short, as we have reported previously, the Dems’ attempted borking of Kavanaugh has virtually guaranteed they won’t win the senate. Can you say “karma”?

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

According to Real Clear Politics’ average of the key polls, only seven Senate seats are true “toss ups” — and to take control of the chamber, the Democrats have to win all seven. To make matters worse for Democrats, the so-called “Kavanaugh effect” appears to be real and seems to particularly impacting a few of those toss-up seats.

RCP currently gives Republicans 49 seats that are either “safe” or not up for reelection. Prior to the Kavanaugh allegations, that number was 47. Meanwhile, the Democrats safely have 44 seats, which means they need to win all seven of the remaining toss ups to gain the 51-seat majority in the Senate. Post-Kavanaugh, that prospect is looking less and less likely.

Tennessee’s open seat is one of those “toss ups,” but surging support for Republican Marsha Blackburn is moving it rapidly in the direction of “leaning” Republican. Democrat Phil Bredesen once enjoyed a five-point lead, but after the Kavanaugh chaos, multiple polls show Blackburn leading by a significant margin.

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