Kavanaugh Stands His Ground

Under fire from the rabid left wing mob on Capitol Hill, SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh won this latest round by standing his ground despite shrieks for guilt until proven innocent. Not even the enduringly disappointing failure of Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) to do anything right in his fading tenure of what is soon to be has-been senator status was enough to dissuade Kavanaugh that he is on the side of the rule of law and justice. His unwavering belief in himself and in the Constitution only served as testimony to why he has earned this nomination and confirmation. Not even Sen. Cory Booker’s juvenile “walkout” can distract from that.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Supporters of Brett Kavanuagh may have less in common with Kavanaugh’s foes than Senator John C. Calhoun had in common with abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner. Sure, they differed over slavery, but their experiences of family, faith and culture, and their views of America had more in common than the cultural, religious and political chasm that now divides us.

That’s why Kavanaugh’s second appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee not only shattered the coordinated onslaught of his opponents, but brought sharp focus elsewhere.

Kavanaugh won because he fought back. Kavanaugh won because he was unwilling to suffer from the ritual defamation of the Left. He broke free from the traditional advice administration handlers give nominees — to be deferential and measured to the senators — and went after the Democrats and his opponents for what they are.

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