Kennedy Rebuttal Suffers From Major Makeup Malfunction

It’s being called Chapstickaquiddick. Rep. Joe Kennedy III delivered the Democrat response to Pres. Trump’s SOTU last night.

But something went horribly wrong with his makeup which made it nearly impossible to focus on anything he was saying.

For some inexplicable reason, Kennedy had what looked like Vaseline smeared all over his lips.

And the Internet lit up with it.

It reminds us of Marco Rubio’s fateful SOTU response when, in the middle of the speech, he had to be handed a bottle of water to counter-act the cottonmouth.

It’s a simple reminder that the spotlight is unforgiving, so you’d better have your stuff

Here’s more from Redstate…

In 1960, a young Kennedy debated Richard Nixon, and a makeup malfunction doomed Nixon, who appeared to have a five o’clock shadow. Popular wisdom says that’s all she wrote.

Tonight, a young Kennedy sought to make his mark on the world, and his ambitions were derailed by … some kinda goop that was smeared all over his lips — under them, over them, just everywhere — like some horrible Vaseline experiment gone wrong.


As the headline suggests, it’s already being dubbed Chapstickaquiddick.

And what was the deal with that car in the background??

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