Kids Taken from Parents Because They Didn’t Allow Easter Bunny

Before you ask, no, this story is not from the Onion.

It comes from the land up north where everything stupid and socialist in America is first tested.

Canadian authorities removed foster kids from their parents’ home after reports of really heinous abuse.

That’s right, according to the commissars at Children’s Aid Society, the home was deemed unfit because the Christian parents refused to respect the kids’ ‘cultural traditions’ when they decided not to pretend the Easter Bunny is real.

No, we’re not kidding.

Thankfully a judge found a deposit of common sense still remaining in Canada and ruled that the parents’ freedom of religion had been violated.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Proving that Canada is as insane as many of us believe, a foster agency removed children from the home of Christian foster parents because they refused to celebrate Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. However, proving that some authority figures in Canada still have their wits about them, a judge ruled in favor of the foster parents.

Frances and Derek Baars are members of a conservative Presbyterian denomination that doesn’t celebrate Easter and Christmas. However, the Baars are not so entrenched in their own beliefs as to be tyrants about it. In fact, according to Christianity Today, “When they became foster parents in December 2015, they altered their celebrations to purchase Christmas gifts for the girls and take them to a family gathering as well as a Sunday school program at another church.”

However, Frances Baars went on to say, “We have a strict ‘no lying’ policy, because God is the God of truth who is Truth, and telling kids that the Easter Bunny and Santa are real is lying.”

The fact that the Baars made sure to make their positions about the Easter Bunny and Santa clear during their foster parent training and home visits did not matter. The Children’s Aid Society ” took the children away from the Baars with just a day’s notice, citing the couple’s refusal to respect the girls’ cultural traditions.”

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