Knee-jerk Dems Announce Imminent Trump Subpoena

In less than 24 hours after winning back control of the House Tuesday night, Democrats wasted no time in making clear their priorities come January when they officially take over the lower chamber: investigating President Trump’s personal financial records. Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) explicitly detailed to MSNBC that he will use his promotion as House Ways and Means Committee chairman to get the job done even if it requires a subpoena or updating direct records from the IRS. We actually invited this. Democrats hell-bent on taking down Donald Trump, along with their complicit pals in the left wing media, will play right into Trump’s hands ahead of 2020. Pelosi will allow herself to be painted as a partisan extremist, which could likely push even more voters into the Trump camp.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Democrats had barely wrested control of the House Tuesday night when they demanded President Donald Trump turn over his tax returns. Wednesday morning, Democrats declared that investigating Trump’s personal financial records would be the first item on their agenda come January.

Democratic Representative Richard Neal (MA) told MSNBC Tuesday night that he plans on using his newfound power as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee to force the President to turn over his tax returns, and that he’ll subpoena the records if necessary.


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