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Koch Network Takes Aim at Trump for 2024 GOP Primary

The majority of American voters do not want a re-match of the 2020 presidential election. Conservative billionaire Charles Koch is willing to act early and use his political network to stop Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. This move is of interest because Koch has stayed on the sidelines since the 2016 presidential election.

In the 2016 GOP primary, Koch supported several candidates as alternatives to Trump. He’s never been a Trump supporter so it isn’t surprising that he still isn’t a supporter. What does catch my attention is that he and his network are making a point to come out early with the hopes of influencing the primary. As a 3-page memo released on Sunday explains, the Koch network’s flagship group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), is in a position to make a difference in the primary process as few others can. Read more…

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