Larry Flynt Offers Millions for Dirt to Impeach Trump

Larry Flynt, second only to Hugh Hefner, is responsible for more indecent exposure and the objectification of women in America than another person.

As a king-pin of the porn-obsessed, he’s given more reason to second guess the limits of the First Amendment than most.

And now he’s taking full advantage of the freedom of speech and association with an ad offering ten million bucks to the person who can produce demonstrable evidence of an impeachable offense for President Trump.

He’s publicly acknowledged that any effort at present to move forward with impeachment wouldn’t rise to the occasion of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’, so he’s willing to pay for some that are.

This is either a nothing burger or it could motivate someone to come forward who would otherwise remain silent about such details for fear of a defamation suit.

This could get interesting.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The profane and obscene eating the profane and obscene.

Hustler magazine, one of the few publications I’m sure our current adulterer-in-chief likely approves of, has decided to ooze out of the open sewer that makes up its home and become politically “woke.”

Larry Flynt, the repugnant smut-peddler, is offering a $10 million reward for any information that leads to the impeachment of President Trump.

Liz Claman, a Fox News Business anchor tweeted out a full page Washington Post ad, detailing the reward offer. Flynt later retweeted the image, so you know he’s not hiding from it.

Calling Trump “illegitimate” and attacking the electoral college along the way, Flynt goes into the reasons he feels impeachment is a necessity.

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