Latest Global Warming Propaganda Flick Bombs Bigly

Hollywood (hereafter ‘Harveywood’) just doesn’t get the clue even though American voters and moviegoers have been dropping it repeatedly for years: increasingly fewer people are buying the global warming conspiracy hype these days.

So, given the obtuseness of big box movie execs, they thought it’d be a fantastic idea to blast out another hyperbolic global climate disaster movie.

Geostorm bombed on its opening weekend despite spending triple-digit millions on production and marketing.

They’ll be lucky to break-even. But they may not notice too much whilst fighting to defend the existence of Harveywood itself.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

No fewer than four multimillion dollar wide releases dropped into your local multiplex this weekend. Not counting promotional expenses — we have the $38 million Only the Brave, the $35 million The Snowman, and the $120 million(!) Geostorm. Walloping all of them at the box office, is Tyler Perry’s $25 million Boo 2: A Madea Halloween.

That is right, y’all, by the time Monday morning arrives, a comedy starring a guy dressed as a fat woman will have hauled in more money ($22 million) than a firefighter disaster flick ($6.2 million), a serial killer flick ($3.7 million), and a big-budget disaster movie ($12.2 million).

Let me start out by saying that I have nothing against Perry’s Madea movies. I’m no snob. The man delivers most every time. If you are looking for a few solid laughs wrapped in 90 minutes of escapism sprinkled with old-fashioned values, there is good reason Madea is a cash cow.

How in the world, though, did Geostorm lose its balance and crash to the ground like Hillary Clinton on a bender?

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