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Lawsuit Ends in $24m Settlement for “Underpaid” Women’s Team

From a Leftist source:

US women have agreed a $24 million (£17.8m) settlement to end a six-year, equal-pay legal battle with their own federation.

The defending world champions had been in a long-term dispute with the United States Soccer Federation over discrepancies in earnings between them and the men’s team, including receiving smaller World Cup bonuses despite winning the tournament on four separate occasions.

However, on Tuesday the fight finally came to a conclusion when they settled for a $22m lump-sum payment – a third of the amount they originally sought in damages. That money will be split between the players, with the USSF also agreeing to commit a further $2m to post-career and charitable endeavours. Players will be able to claim up to $50,000 (£37,000). The settlement was dependent on the players reaching a collective bargaining agreement with the federation. Read more…

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