Lawsuit Exposes Hillary’s Massive Money Laundering Scheme

We’re shocked–SHOCKED–to report that the mainstream media has failed to cover the massive scandal in Hillary’s failed campaign for the White House.

While the leftmedia has been salivating over the latest Trump scandal du jour — whether Cohen or Mueller or Stormy — they entirely missed the ball on the suit filed by a campaign finance lawyer in recent days who alleges that the DNC and Hillary’s campaign conspired to launder campaign donations to the tune of nearly nine figures [we’ll pause for a second while you do the math].

The irony is that Democrats have always been the greatest fans of campaign finance regulations.

But clearly they believe these rules are for those other people. If the suit moves forward, it involves serious criminal charges for a lot of people surrounding Hillary.

Which means they’ll have to get in line…a long one.

Here’s more from the Patriot Post…

On Friday, while the mainstream media was salivating over the DNC’s announcement of its lawsuit against Donald Trump’s campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks for an unfounded collusion conspiracy, another much more significant lawsuit was being filed in a DC district court. That lawsuit, brought by Dan Backer, a campaign-finance lawyer, alleges that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC violated campaign-finance laws — to the tune of $84 million. In a nutshell, Backer argues that the Clinton campaign and the DNC conspired to work around campaign-finance law regarding maximum donations in order to funnel large sums of money to her campaign. In effect, they were involved in an elaborate shell game.

This is a significant event and yet passed with almost no word from the mainstream media. As Margot Cleveland of The Federalist observes:

Yet even with the overwhelming evidence of tsunami-level campaign-finance criminality — more than $84 million — the media instead chases the cloud cast over President Trump because of the $130,000 payment his attorney, Michael Cohen, made to Stormy Daniels, and claims that payment constituted an illegal campaign contribution. One wonders what it will take to break through the mainstream media blackout. Maybe a few pointed unpresidential tweets from our commander-in-chief?

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