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Lee Statues Still Falling in GOP-Won Virginia

Charlottesville, Virginia’s famous statue of American General Robert E. Lee will be given to a black history museum where its bronze will be melted down and turned into modern art to help form the city’s new left-wing race narrative. The statue’s fate comes after a middle-of-the-night vote by the Charlottesville City Council, which rejected offers from groups that wanted to preserve it.

The Charlottesville Lee statue will be given to the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, a black history museum that will melt it down as part of their “swords into plowshares” project. The museum’s executive director, Andrea Douglas, says they’ll then repurpose the statue into art that will “allow Charlottesville to contend with its racist past.”

In a bizarre move that resembles Soviet efforts to rewrite the history of conquered nations or remove their enemies from old photographs, the museum will give the “repurposed” bronze of the statue back to the City of Charlottesville when their project is complete, for it to be re-erected on city property. Read more…

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