Left Melts Down After Trump Tweets Meme of Him Tackling CNN

Over the weekend President Trump fueled the fight with CNN by tweeting a doctored meme of an old video of his cameo in a WWF wrestling match in which he tackled the ‘bad guy’.

The meme was edited with a superimposed CNN logo on the face of said ‘bad guy’.

That tweet sent the left media into a frenzy with CNN quickly responding that “it’s a sad day” and that he should “start doing his job”, clearly forgetting that the network has had quite a difficult time in the last week doing their job.

Meanwhile, the NY Times piled on by condemning the tweet for promoting ‘violence against journalists’ but completely forgetting that it supports the play in which President Trump is ceremoniously assassinated on stage.


Here’s more from Breitbart…

President Donald Trump shared a video meme of him physically tackling CNN and repeatedly punching it in the face.

The original video footage is taken from Trump’s Wrestlemania event where he bodyslammed, beat, and and shaved the head of Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania XXII in 2007.

It has since been edited by Trump supporters to feature the president tackling his various enemies.

Trump’s use of the meme astonished reporters enjoying their Fourth of July weekend.

Later, CNN responded with a statement.

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